This Is My American Dream

August 18, 2020 3 min read

This Is My American Dream


Jason Beim exemplifies the patriotism, personal accountability, and desire to give back that we expect from anyone seeking to level up in our community, The Great American Syndicate.

Here is his story:

This is My American Dream

Mike Tyson famously said, “everyone has a plan until you get punched in the mouth.”  

My name is Jason Beim. If you are asking yourself who the hell is Jason Beim? You have every right to ask that question, so let me alleviate your concerns. I am just an average Joe who has been overcoming and conquering my entire life. From an early age, I have been getting punched in the mouth by life and have found myself in some incredibly deep and dark places. But as you will read in this article, my story truly exemplifies the power of change and discipline. This is my story; this is my American Dream. 

Throughout my life, I have suffered through addiction, obesity, depression, crippling anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Having battled with drug addiction for some time when I was younger, I found myself at the very bottom when I was robbed at gunpoint in the projects of New York City in a drug deal gone bad. You would think that this would be the turning point for me, except it was not! It made me want it more because it was like an unattainable object that I could not obtain. The turning point for me was after being given an ultimatum by my high school girlfriend. She said she was going to leave me if I did not quit the drugs. Because of my deep-rooted need to be accepted, I decided to quit the drugs cold turkey so as not to lose the companionship of my that relationship. The key takeaway here is that although I quit the drugs, I was not yet ready to make the change.

I kicked the drug habit but redirected my addiction and became addicted to an even more powerful drug, food! Throughout this dark time in my life, although I was not actually in jail, I was trapped within my own body in a physical, mental and emotional prison. I was a slave to drugs and food and used these vices as an escape from reality to numb my pain.  

jason beim my american dream

In May 2011 after graduating college, I once again found myself at yet another low point in my life. I was fully entrenched in my food addiction and I ballooned up, weighing my heaviest at 303lbs. After being in denial when looking at the reflection staring back at me in the mirror, I did not realize how far I had spiraled until seeing how heavy I was in my college graduation picture (see picture below). It was in that moment that I decided once and for all that enough was enough. I came to the realization that it was time to make a change and take back control of my life.  

For the next year I became obsessed with breaking free of the chains of obesity and decided I was going to turn my life around and start losing weight. Within that year, I went on to lose over 130lbs and transformed my outlook on life in the process.  

Today, I am extremely passionate about sharing my transformational journey and showing people just like me (average Joe’s and Jane’s) who feel stuck and without hope - that no matter who you are, no matter where you are, if you are unhappy with your current station, you can make a change for the better and you too can live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. You too can live your version of the American Dream. 

Studies have shown that humans only use 40% of their potential. My purpose now is to help people reach their 60% of untapped potential by using discipline, positivity and motivation. Through these methods, I help people stay disciplined when life punches them in the mouth. I turn average Joe’s and Jane’s into Tier One Peak Performers in their everyday life! And I am doing this through my coaching brand, Jump Above Boundaries.  Follow Jason Beim on IG, at



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